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Plastic grey suitcases and blocks falling from the sky

Feb 14, 2014

Most consider my generation the first to be born at a time where we can be fully emerged in tech. more

Would you like to go large for an extra 30p?

Oct 11, 2013

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we all need glasses. About a week or so ago (again depending on when and how this silly blog of mine goes live), some of you may have noticed that there was a major media buzz from around the globe.

Finally, after a year of waiting, we were all put out of our misery and an eagerly anticipated event finally took place... tickets for The Big Reunion Tour featuring the likes of 5ive, Blue, B*witched, Atomic Kitten, 911 and many others finally going on sale. more

All back of the bus...

Aug 9, 2013

This one is a little longer than usual guys so put the kettle on and get comfy. 

Chapter 1 (...just kidding).

A week or so ago (depending on when you're reading this I suppose) I was graciously invited to the Mobile Matters Event hosted by our beloved parent company Harvey Nash.

The speaker list was superb with people ranging from mobile giants Grapple and AKQA, to tech security specialists McAfee and social advertising specialists LoopMe. more

Play this loud!

Jul 2, 2013

Quick test for you, and don't worry it won't take long. I just want to test a theory.

The rules are simple.

First, you must read the following out loud and

Second, you must only read what is written.

You can't add any additional words, hum or sing. Simply read out loud what is written below.

Sounds easy enough doesn't it, Ok let's begin. more

Turns out its all about timing

May 28, 2013

Last week in our new home The Heron Tower we held our first Mobile Tech Meet Up at the Drift Bar which I'm happy to report, went rather well.

I've been to countless meet ups hosted by others within technology as I'm sure most of us have and it was about time we hosted one of our own. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Some are formal with canapés and glasses of chilled Prosecco being passed around; some are in trendy wine bars with bicycles hanging from the ceiling charging £8 for a bottle of lager, while others tended to be slightly older gentlemen in an old London pub discussing Cisco. (Personally I've always enjoyed the latter as there is usually a game or two or darts involved.) more