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GCSE Results Day - What now?

Aug 20, 2015

Heart beating in your ears, palms sweating while jumping classmates, with cheers of celebration, gleaming smiles, hugs from parents, pats on the back from teachers for their outstanding efforts surround you. more

Something a little bit special #MSTech15

Jun 12, 2015

The Mortimer Spinks annual Technology survey was complete; we had the data, it was fresh from it was time to launch! more

Why do you work in technology?

May 19, 2015

The ever-growing topic of 'Women in Tech' is not just about women. It is about the industry as a whole and is a real topic that highlights not just a lack of diversity in the industry, not just the lack of talent available, but a problem that is threatening the future of technology. more

Balancing the scales

Apr 13, 2015

Technology and Digital has not only become a core part of our lives but also a core part of the economy, contributing £69bn in the last year and projecting at least £100bn for 2015. more

Getting positive about Women in Technology

Apr 2, 2015

In 2005, I was writing an essay for my A levels entitled "bridging the gap between business and technology" more