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The Spinks Snapshot team is a collection of passionate tech experts who want to discuss and deliberate everything from the latest mobile operating system to thoughts on our education system and its impact on the tech industry.

The Super Six EdTech Companies Helping us learn

EdTech Logo.pngEdTech rather surprisingly originates back to the 1970's with the invention of the Oregon Trail computer game by three teachers. The aim was to teach students history and maths skills while navigating around the video game world.

Since then technology has taken on a central role in many schools throughout the UK, from interactive whiteboards, to coding being added to the national curriculum.

According to experts: "Schools now spend £900m on education technology every year, and it is estimated the global market will be worth £129bn by 2020". However EdTech is much more than interactive learning toys and IPad's in classrooms. Let's look at the super six EdTech companies helping us learn.

Fantastic Five Fintech Companies Innovating the Finance Industry

FINTECH.pngLondon has become internationally recognised as the centre of financial technology or 'Fintech', no surprise, given London's financial history, as well as the fact that the companies which occupy the city are constantly adapting to new and exciting technology.

Fintech, first coined in 1980' by Sunday Times editor; Peter Knight, has become a multi-billion pound industry, and it seems that UK firms are at the forefront of this. Fintech in the UK is worth an estimated £7 billion to our economy and employs over 60,000 people.
But how are they helping you and I? And which Fintech companies truly are fantastic? There are so many different companies that can be included in this list but here are my; 'Fantastic five Fintech companies that are innovating the Finance industry'.

The Magnificent Seven Medtech Companies That Are Improving Our Health

MED TECH.pngThe Medtech sector has become a thriving enterprise in the UK. As well as the involvement of the more traditional Doctors, Scientists and Researchers, the increase of technology used in the medical field means we are now finding many Engineers, Designers and Coders also involved in the industry.

According to the Government, the Medtech sector generates a turnover of £21 billion GBP in the UK. It produces a vast range of medical devices and diagnostic technologies. There are thousands of Medtech companies across the UK and even more on a global platform. It's clear that the next evolution of health care is upon us, so let's look at: "The Magnificent Seven Medtech Companies That Are Improving Our Health".

What are you doing about the technology and digital skills shortage?

Jenna-Hughes-Gage (1).png

Alarm, sleep app, twitter, emails, shower, Facebook, breakfast, walk to the station listening to Capital Radio app whilst checking the National Rail app, emails, Tube, Wi-Fi, twitter, lost signal, look up, read ad about new money lending app and initiatives for digital.gov, Wi-Fi back check emails, arrive at office, turn desk top on, coffee, emails, mashable.com, meeting, lunch, twitter.....you can see where I am going with this.

"10 Tech Companies That Changed Our Lives"

I Phone History.jpg 29th June 2007, a day that changed technology forever and the way we as consumers look at everything around us. Ten years ago today, the very first IPhone hit the shelves in the US, and the world truly hasn't been the same since.

For a lot of us the IPhone is the first thing we pick up in the morning and the last thing we put down at the end of the day. Love them or hate them, Apple deserve a lot of the praise they receive today, for the way their technology has changed the world and all our lives along with it. Without the IPhone, we wouldn't have; the touch revolution, responsive web and the ability to become an amateur photographer at all times. Therefore to celebrate this mile stone let's look at 10 tech companies that have also changed the we way live our lives today.

Could you have a technology or digital career?

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There are a number of misconceptions on what a technology professional does and what skills they need to have.

Mortimer Spinks Annual Technology Event 2017

ATE 2017.jpg

Thursday 27th April 2017 marked the release of the annual Tech Survey by Mortimer Spinks in association with Computer Weekly. The sixth survey in the series was unveiled at the prestigious Ham Yard Hotel in Soho.

Six steps for technology professionals to address the technology and digital skills gap

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Whether an organisation looks to hire talent directly or outsources recruitment, unless they have a widely recognised employer brand, it's likely they will find this challenging. Even then, finding quality talent that fits into their unique culture and price range is still a challenge.

Nine actions for Business Leaders to close the skills gap.

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The UK Technology and Digital Skills gap poses a risk to every organisation in the UK. Finding quality talent that fits into your unique culture and price range is still another challenge, particularly for specialist roles such as Cyber Security.

Does the skills gap matter to you?

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This year, 2017, marks six years of working in partnership with Computer Weekly to produce thought provoking content around the key and pressing challenges occurring within the Technology and Digital Space.

Women in Technology and Digital Meetup London

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On 23rd March 2017, we gathered together technology/digital professionals from in and around London, to share their experiences and help to define measurable action towards a more balanced industry. The purpose of this meetup is to connect the technology and digital industry to the outside world!

Digital Platforms and Retail outlets go hand in hand


On the evening of the 22nd October, we were lucky enough to be able to host a fantastic event in conjunction with our friends at Valtech. Exploring the topic,'The Future of Retail' we welcomed Peter Cowgill, Executive Chairman of JD Sports, to come and speak to an intimate group of C-Level retail and technology professionals. And what an evening it was!

What does 2016 hold for the tech industry?

tech 16

The Technology sector is set to grow four times faster than GDP in 2015

Women in Technology 2015 is here!


Our Women in Technology publication 2015 is here - it's for you too gentlemen! 

GCSE Results Day - What now?

Heart beating in your ears, palms sweating while jumping classmates, with cheers of celebration, gleaming smiles, hugs from parents, pats on the back from teachers for their outstanding efforts surround you.