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Knowing, Going and Showing the way - Lessons learned on the journey to Leadership.

kay.png Last Thursday evening we huddled together - at Huddle, for our third London Women in Tech and Digital meetup. We were there to hear from three, quite frankly inspirational, female Leaders who were happy to share their stories and some of the secrets to their success.

An Interview with Martin Adams, Co-Founder and CEO at Codec

Martin_Adams_Headshot.png "There are a mixture of people who work in startups who think in hugely different ways and have hugely different personalities and styles, across the technology, business & sales side - if you think you won't fit in, you're wrong."

An Interview with Estelle Lloyd, Founder and COO at Azoomee

Estelle Lloyd 200 x 200.jpg "I think it's important to get more women into studies that ultimately lead to careers in technology which is much more than just programming."

An Interview with Bonnie Cheuk, Global Head of Digital, Knowledge & Collaboration at Euroclear


"The whole technology field is evolving; people of various backgrounds with different skill sets enter the industry. I think this trend will continue into the future, as user-centric technologies and consumer-like user experience becomes increasingly important"

An Interview with Kristen Nosek, Program Director at Huge London

Kristen Nosek Headshot 2.jpg

"Technology is defining the future. In this field we're determining, altering and enhancing all aspects of human interaction and behavior, every day. What's more exciting than that?"

An Interview With Debbie Forester, Co-CEO at AppsforGood

Debbie_Forster_200_200.jpg "Companies should start by talking to the women they do have and really listening to the strengths and weaknesses within the organisation--to promote the former and to fix the latter"

An Interview with David Oretti, Head of Mobile Products at App Cube

David_Oretti_headshot.jpg "Technology is science, but getting people to use it is an art".

An Interview with Marianna O'Hagan, Head of Product at Secret Escapes

maria Ohagan.JPG "Autonomy is the key. When you give smart, dedicated people the resources they need and empower them, they blow you away with amazing products".


Jenna-Hughes-Gage (1).pngTo celebrate five years of research into gender diversity in tech, we wanted to provide five key areas that you can focus on to work towards a positive change.

An Interview with Kathryn Parson from Decoded

Kathryn Parson.png "we realised so few people really truly understood the technologies impacting all our lives, jobs and increasingly the economy"

An Interview with Alexander Reekie, Head of UX & Design at Satago

Alexander Reekie"Innovation becomes increasingly vital for the survival of any technology business. As ever with technology, one our greatest challenges continues to be dealing with legacy".


Jenna-Hughes-Gage (1).png To celebrate five years of research into gender diversity in tech, we wanted to provide five key areas that you can focus on to work towards a positive change as an individual in tech.

An Interview with Louise Elliot, Development Manager at Leeds Building Society

Louise Elliott "I'm not sure why we want to make computers be good at things which humans are good at. I think we should celebrate the differences and work to enable computers to excel in ways which humans never could".

An Interview with David Crawford, Head of Software Engineering at Sky

David Crawford.jpg"We need to understand why we want more women in technology - it's not to meet some number, but they bring different approaches and ways of thinking to the table - why wouldn't we want that in our businesses?!"