How will technology change your job in the next 5 years?


Rapid advancements in technology are making the world a smaller place; we are more connected than ever before and the world of business has changed radically in a very short time! There are roles that exist today which 10 years ago no one had even heard of - Social Media Manager, Cloud Computing Specialist, App Developer, to name a few.

Now the UK is experiencing a technology and digital skills crisis.

How does this affect me?‚Äč

This skills shortage has an effect on everyone in the UK workforce.

No matter what your job role is, it's very likely that you will use technology in some way during your day. The need for technology and digital skills is only going to grow...

Mortimer Spinks and Computer Weekly Technology & Digital Skills Survey 2017.

We are conducting research to help understand how to develop a technology and digital workforce that is truly future proof. With this research, we aim to:

  • Advise the current and future workforce to become a competitively enabled digital and technical nation.
  • Advise people in non-tech roles about the skills needed to pursue a career in technology and digital.
  • Advise UK organisations and employers how to support and develop a future technology and digital workforce.
  • Advise parents, schools and government on how to enable the future workforce with the necessary skills for a career in the technology and digital industry.

The technology & digital industry and beyond...

We will be looking for insights from the following groups of people.

To take part... Click on one of the above buttons using the list to determine which survey is most relevant to you:

  • Survey One: People who work in a technical or digital role - e.g. Web Developer, SEO specialist
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  • Survey Two: Organisational and business leaders - e.g. CEO, Founder, CTO, HR Director etc.
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  • Survey Three: People who DO NOT work in a technical or digital role and are NOT a business leader  - e.g. Finance coordinator, Marketing executive, PA/Administrator
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We will also be speaking to parents of children aged between 4 - 18, government, education faculty leaders and students. So that we can reach beyond the technology & digital industry, please forward this survey to your colleagues, managers, friends and family.

Thanks in advance for sharing your voice and contributing to this critical research!

Mortimer Spinks.

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