Women in Technology 2016

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We're excited to announce the launch of our Women in Technology Survey 2016.

This year's survey marks five years of research into gender diversity within the technology industry.

With this special landmark in mind, we wanted to produce a survey, which not only highlights key stats on the topic, but also help to ignite action towards positive change.

Our five key aims were:

1. What the industry looks like today and the current position of 'women in tech'.

2. Demonstrate the different paths people take to career in tech.

3. Demonstrate the journeys they've had since entering industry.

4. Discuss alternative ways to hire tech talent, cross training and mentoring.

5. Produce five key actions on how everyone working in the industry can take steps towards action, either an individual in tech or a team responsible for hiring future talent.

It is fantastic to see a rise in the level of engagement from women, who this year represents over 43% of respondents. Considering it's estimated that women only make up 16% of the technology workforce, this demonstrates substantial growth on vital insight from a significant part of the industry!

The survey findings were officially launched on Thursday 23rd June, at ComputerWeekly.com '50 most influential Women in Technology' event. The digital survey is now live for you to download, register for your copy below.

Our campaign for change - This year we are using our #YouEqualTech campaign to raise further awareness and help people take action. Look out for weekly case studies, stories of careers in tech, diversity matters, advice on how you can help and much more. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch.