Let Matthew Richardson
the CTO of Hometrack
tell you a little bit more

About Hometrack

Hometrack is a UK based technology business delivering specialist insight on residential property value, risk and opportunity. 

Established in 1999 the business collects, analyses and interprets data, delivering accurate, independent and unbiased insight to inform critical decision making.

Working for us

Our people make our business; they are our greatest asset and set Hometrack apart by helping define the industry standards of tomorrow.

We believe that the best results come from teamwork and combining a wide range of skills. That's why our staff are drawn from diverse backgrounds including analytics, technology and business. Binding us together is a passion for excellence, an absolute commitment to quality and a determination to deliver next generation solutions.

Meet the CTO

Whats it's like to work in Hometrack and what kind of person are we looking for?

Matthew Richardson, the CTO of Hometrack tells us a little it more about what kind of person Hometrack are looking to employ and also what it's like to work for Hometrack.