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Skills Gap

This year, 2017, marks six years of working in partnership with Computer Weekly to produce thought provoking content around the key and pressing challenges occurring within the Technology and Digital Space.

We have spoken to tens of thousands of people embedded within the industry over the past six years and this time we wanted to not only pool and analyse this unique data but also put together a plan of action to help combat one of the most pressing challenges facing the UK Economy - the Technology and Digital Skills Gap.

Quite simply there are more jobs being created than there are people with the skills to fill them. Whether you're a hiring manager, a business owner, an HR professional or a tech worker, in some form this will affect everybody working within the industry. Through our research, we have identified methods to take action right now.

Everybody has a role to play as we look to close the Technology and Digital Skills gap. Whilst technology provides an exciting economic and social opportunity, the current potential of the UK Technology industry is restricted by the lack of tech and digital talent available.

This is our campaign for action and change #FutureTechPeople.

We have carried out separate surveys, case study interviews and roundtables in our search to help the UK work towards developing a futureproof technology and digital workforce.

We have divided and reviewed the data to create a summary of highlights and key actions for each audience:-

Technology and Digital Worker 
Non Technology and Digital work 
Business Leaders

This isn't the first, nor the last piece of research to highlight the UK Technology and Digital Skills Gap. It is on the agenda both at local, regional and national level and will be an on-going challenge for decades to come. However, at Mortimer Spinks, we want to do more than just discuss the challenge.

We want to help support technology professionals who want to help make a difference, both to their own careers, teams, organisations and the UK Economy as a whole. Help Business leaders create the right environment to attract and retain talent and help people outside of the industry understand the amazing opportunities that could be waiting for them within the industry!

As part of our project, we have listed a number of recommendations on what each audience can do to make a start towards creating positive change around gender diversity in tech.

Click here to visit our #futuretechcampaign website to see all of the findings and recommendations.

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