Could you have a technology or digital career?



There are a number of misconceptions on what a technology professional does and what skills they need to have.

Based on our 2017 #FutureTechPeople campaign, we've created a list of recommendations that we believe may be able to shine a light on the potential opportunities of a career in technology or digital, and will help people interested in making that move to take their first steps towards it.

If you are interested in finding out more about the world of technology and digital, check out the list to help get you started.

1 - Get yourself out there and find out more (networking events, clubs, workshops)

There is so much going on in this industry throughout the whole country. Most networking and workshop clubs are open to anyone, technical and non-technical. They're usually run by volunteers so are incredibly friendly and great place to learn.

2 - Find a mentor / coach

For the last 6 years of our research into the technology industry, the majority of people have said that mentoring has helped develop their career. If you are considering what it might be like to work in the technology and digital Industry, find someone who can help provide guidance and advice. There are plenty of experienced technology and digital professionals who would love to help. Even if it's just a quick catch up.

3 - Learn the core, basic skills

There is a lot you can learn 'off the job, in your own time. There are so many free and online courses, games, books and coding clubs readily available for total beginners to learn the foundations and basics of technology and digital. Take a look here to browse just a handful of them!

4 - Get your soft skills up to scratch (Problem Solving, Communication, Creativity, Leadership)

Business leaders do struggle to find technology and digital skills, but they also struggle to find people with the technical ability and the soft skills together. One way to make a start is to improve on your soft skills such as Problem Solving or Communication. Whether you do decide to move into technology or not, these skills will serve you well in your career as you progress, as we're constantly facing new problems and challenges that require strong team collaboration and communication.

5 - Jump in at the deep end

For the really brave, take a look at apprenticeships; junior roles or higher education. For those that are ready to take that leap and look at careers in technology and digital, you're in for an exciting ride! There are so many career paths to choose from. Here are a number of places you can start your search and advice on how to approach applying for these types of roles.

For more information on our #FutureTechPeople campaign check out our website

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