The technology and digital skills shortage


The technology and digital skills shortage


Alarm, sleep app, twitter, emails, shower, Facebook, breakfast, walk to the station listening to Capital Radio app whilst checking the National Rail app, emails, Tube, Wi-Fi, twitter, lost signal, look up, read ad about new money lending app and initiatives for digital.gov, Wi-Fi back check emails, arrive at office, turn desk top on, coffee, emails, mashable.com, meeting, lunch, twitter.....you can see where I am going with this.

Our lives are encompassed by technology and digital. We cannot escape it, technology is a daily necessity and part of what makes the world go round. But, where has it come from? Doesn't it feel like one day we woke up and all of a sudden, every aspect of our lives was dependent on and enhanced by machines and technology?

Of course, it was not just overnight, a lot of time, skills, money and effort have gone into building this technological world, which we live in today.

Money, money, money...makes the world go round! And it is fair to say a HUGE amount of money has been invested in technology and digital in the last few years. In the last 5 years, $2bn has been invested into London's tech scene, with the likes of Old Street dubbed Silicon roundabout to rival Silicon Valley in San Fran, the epicentre of tech some might say.

We have also seen an abundance of new tech startups. In 2013 over 15,000 new businesses were launched in the City.

Now, that is some big changes, a lot of time and money invested, so it's crazy to think that with all of that investment, there is still such a big tech skills shortage in the UK! 

What is the shortage? 
Whilst technology provides an exciting economic and social opportunity, the current potential of the UK Technology industry is restricted by the lack of tech and digital talent available. This presents a challenge for the future of UK business and economy. Long term, we can put faith in changing educational curriculums but for now, we believe the people who can work towards solving this challenge are already out there. 

We have created a campaign for action and change called #FutureTechPeople. We have carried out separate surveys, case study interviews and roundtables in our search to help the UK work towards developing a futureproof technology and digital workforce. We have divided our research amongst three audiences- Technology and digital workers Business Leaders and Non technology and digital workers.

The data is a combination of the responses, from each audience we asked when researching the technology and digital skills gap. Our aim is to help support organisations to take steps that make a difference, both to themselves and the UK Economy as a whole. As part of this campaign we have come up with a set of actions for each audience.

Check out the campaign website for all of the data and recommendations that you can look to action today!




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