Education: The Future of Technology


Education: the future of technology

Education: The Future of Technology

Technology is one of the most dynamic fields of study and although we may not be able to affect the overall curriculum in the UK, things have started to change. As we all know recently curriculum has been revised to best reflect he need of future employers. We can still make sure that we are encouraging future development in the technology field with passionate and effective teaching in the subject.

There are a myriad of reasons why this is important for the long lasting future of the technology industry, for example many organisations are looking to find candidates with experience in areas such as coding, programming and development therefor teaching these skills from an early development stage will ensure that natural growth is achieved. There are plenty of ways that we can make sure that technology is being taught effectively to better encourage diversity.


Within the UK there are hundreds of communities and a plethora of groups that we as individuals and organisations can join to volunteer in, these include; going into different school and academic centres to educate students and run fun and exciting sessions on what technology is really all about, and what an awesome future career people could have in it.

Game development, application creation and website design are just three topics that younger people are showing more and more interest in across the UK. However, there is a definite demand to find more tutors in these subjects to come in and educate the passionate and inquisitive young people.


It is becoming more common for tech firms to fully utilise the earn while you learn apprenticeship scheme, bring in new young members of staff and train them in a different skills to become important members of their existing teams. By doing this firms are able to have full control over the nature of training and development of staff, ensuring that the company culture is being preserved with the future generations of tech workers. With the tech sector booming there is a demand for new tech specialists. Per a 2016 study based on tech partnership date, the UK will need around 135,000 new tech specialists every year, but where do these specialists come from? Apprenticeships are being seen as one of the best ways to develop the skills employers require.

One of the crucial drivers of new apprenticeships will be the recently introduced Apprenticeship Levy. Under the Levy, three million new apprenticeships will be created by 2020; this Levy is encouraging more tech firms to invest in young graduates to bring them in under an apprenticeship scheme. The success of this levy shall be a driving force to encouraging more young people into tech and ensuring diversity in the field.


October 27th is national mentoring day in the UK the purposes of this day is to recognise the benefits of mentoring in the work place, within the tech industry mentoring is particularly needed. As mentioned previously there is still a perceived high barrier to progression in the technology sector partly down to discrimination of one kind or another. Understanding this it is crucial for positive mentors to come forward and ensure that everyone has the chance to progress in there choses technological field.

Is there currently an internal mentoring scheme inside your organisation? If not why? This is a great opportunity to ensure development. There is a huge amount of external mentoring programmes designed to encourage those who are traditionally seen as a potential discrimination victim, such as; SheSays. This firm run free mentorship and events to women in an effort to see more women break the glass ceiling and reach for the top. Having the ability to mentor young people in the work place will ensure continued growth and development in the future which is beneficial for all involved.

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