'Round One' of The DevOps Battle Royale - The Fallout

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'Round One' of The DevOps Battle Royale

Thanks to everyone who came to the first event ‘Round One’ in our DevOps Battle Royale Meetup series. If you were unable to the make the evening, which was on the 3rd of May, we saw Base Build take on Provisioning in the ultimate battle to see the which one was the communities favoured approach to automation.

The evening contained an introduction to the series and how it came about, we then handed over to the amazing Richard Harper (Provisioning) and Adrian Hesketh (Base Build) to take the reins and talk to us about their approaches. Following this, the audience broke off into groups and did Lean Coffee (Beer) style workshops, where the teams could discuss and debate their methods. It was then time to crown the Automation Approach champion, although it came pretty close in the end we saw Base Build walk away as our winner.

My aim is to make this meetup group as interactive and inclusive as possible, hoping that all involved are able to take away some new ideas/processes which they can then use in their work/personal projects.

We want you to have your say on which technologies you would like to see battle it out next. We will be discussing this over the coming weeks and then get a few possible battle ideas and will then vote to select the preferred battle to showcase!

To be involved in this you will need to join The DevOps Battle Royale Group follow this link - https://www.meetup.com/The-DevOps-Battle-Royale/ you will get all invites and updates once you’ve joined.

Just a heads up, we have already booked an event space for Thursday 12th July so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

See you at the next battle!!  


Toby Wilman

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