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Struggling to recruit the right staff from the open market? Your business being affected by the ability to recruit the "right team"? Concerned about Brexit and how it will impact workforce mobility? We can help you create your own talent from scratch!

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CBinsights analysed and reviewed 101 startup failures in 2018 and they broke down the top 20 reasons for failure. Based on this analysis, “not having the right team” was the 3rd most common reason for failure with 23% citing not having the right people on board as their primary reason for failure. A diverse team with different skill sets was often cited as being critical to the success of a company but recruitment is challenging, and finding the right cultural fit with the right skill set and the right passion for your product can be tough.

At present, skill shortages are at a critical level in the UK, putting the future growth of businesses at risk. The rise in digital skills shortage across the UK and the uncertainty of Brexit will only exacerbate the problem this year.

SMEs are the lifeblood of the British economy, but without the right staff being recruited, they will be unable to operate in the way that they need to. 

Our Future Skills Programme can help!

Early in 2018 we launched the Future Skills Programme; an initiative to expand the technology talent pool by bringing in candidates from different sectors.

We currently have training programmes running for C#, Java, JavaScript, SAP, Qlik, Hadoop and Microsoft.

By focusing on hiring talent from outside of the technology sector, we are able to:

• Attract a more diverse pool of candidates.

 • Help clients to challenge their own stereotypes about who and what makes a successful hire.

• Identify high potential talent by testing their ability and aptitude and through our unique training programme.

• Develop talent to become software engineers that our clients would never have had access to.

Utilising levy funding, the Future Skills programme is a highly cost effective and innovative way to generate talent in a development language of your choice.

2019 marks the first year that millions of pounds will be lost forever by companies who have paid the levy tax and not harnessed apprenticeships. Don't be one of those businesses! Use the levy tax to help you bridge the digital skills gap and recruit fresh talent.

Our Future Skills Programme allows each and every tech business to take advantage of the levy tax (even if you don't have your own levy pot) to recruit junior software engineers or data analysts and build sustainable teams from the UK workforce, therefore future-proofing your business.

If you would like to find out more please contact sara.bresler@mortimerspinks.com

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