Featured client: Valtech

Partnering with global digital agency Valtech with a dedicated MSP (Managed Service Provider).

Featured client: Valtech

About the client

Valtech is a global digital agency specialising in data, software development and design. They are a new breed of digital agency building the platforms that allow businesses to do marketing and commerce in the digital age.

The context and challenge

Valtech partnered with Mortimer Spinks with the aim of streamlining their existing recruitment process to reduce complexity and boost efficiencies at every stage. The company’s core capabilities had grown significantly over recent years so they wanted us to help strengthen their in-house resources in order to recruit talent at mass.

Valtech had highlighted two pain points that needed addressing. Firstly, they were engaging multiple agencies which they could see was costing valuable administration time. Secondly, they were concerned that as they continued to grow, they would fall short of organising interviews and follow ups to the high standards they set themselves as an employer.

As a company that puts customer experience  at the heart of their business, Valtech were also rightly concerned that if the burden of recruitment continued for much longer it would have a detrimental impact on their core business. They knew that the only solution was to bring a specialist recruitment team in house in the form of a MSP.

“The challenge we always face with recruitment is the diversity of the talent we are trying to attract. We needed a recruiter that would help us to get at each of those different talent markets. We don’t have a traditional client-supplier relationship, so the MSP has to be very much integrated with the way we work.” David Draper, Head of Professional Services, Valtech

A collaborative solution

After consultation with the key stakeholders in the Valtech recruitment process - HR, interviewers,  Directors - we quickly understood the value of culture within the business. They needed an MSP that would represent Valtech with professionalism and dynamism in the marketplace, so they asked us to work in house and carry their brand seamlessly into talent acquisition.

We proposed a bespoke Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution that would complement the way Valtech were accustomed to building teams. We were trusted to bring together talent from multiple sources, identify the most appropriate people for their roles and present them with the best people from across the marketplace.

“Mortimer Spinks are very good at managing us and our needs, as well as managing our diverse supplier network, to fulfil our complex recruitment needs as they change over time.” Mark Broad, Head of Finance and Operations, Valtech

The result

We worked closely with Valtech hiring managers and interviews to understand the culture of the business and ensure we only brought forward the most suitable candidates. The most rewarding result of this close collaboration was a strengthening of trust and respect for our abilities which enabled us to engage Valtech with candidates they may have overlooked previously.

“From an operations perspective, resourcing is key. Since we started [the MSP relationship with MS] we have become more and more diverse in the capabilities we deploy demanding more from our recruitment team. We need an organisation able to deal with this variety, who can go out and mine specific talent markets effectively. And that’s exactly what Spinks does for us.” David Draper, Head of Professional Services, Valtech

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