The Future Skills Programme

The Future Skills Programme

The Future Skills Programme

Supporting employers and the workforce

1.2 million new workers, which is approximately half the current workforce, are estimated to be required by 2022 to meet the growing demand for digital content and services skills. Add to this the fact that recruiting good software developers is expensive, hard and getting harder.

This is why we have developed a pioneering resourcing model: the Future Skills Programme. The service aims to solve this growing technology talent crisis by reducing the recruitment burden for our clients.

By working in partnership with professional development experts Corndel, we have created a cost-effective and top-quality programme that trains the next generation of engineers in the latest software development methodologies. It gives them the skills, knowledge and behaviours they need to thrive in the real world of software development.  

The programme delivers long-term retention, engagement and an accreditation. Our “Futures” receive world-class training and complete a foundation degree in Software Development Methodologies.

We recruit, train, deploy and develop your future talent.

Putting the future in your hands

By bringing high potential talent from outside the sector, and building their skills through a unique training and development programme, the Future Skills Programme gets brand new engineering talent working with businesses productively and quickly.

Your new ‘Futures’ can be offered through a managed service model, where we employ new hires directly, taking full accountability for all aspects of their employment. Alternatively, we can offer the service through a client-owned model, where you employ new recruits full-time. Our service offers a viable source of new talent to UK businesses. Working with selected clients within our network, we guarantee project-ready software engineers in as little as 12 weeks. 

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